Get hot, get slim, go RUNNING – with HotPants! – Day 2

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God save the Queen… and the Queen of Twitter @Queen_UK

My copy of Gin O’Clock finally came today, extracts from the Queens unofficial diaries. Surely the only souvenir one needs for this weekend!

Anyhow, run today was a killer. Aching and dying etc I dragged myself up this morning. Got changed before I checked the weather outside the window, good thing to as if I’d have looked outside before changing, I would have promptly fell back asleep.

Was crazy grateful for my Hotpants this morning; it was windy and cold and my arms were freezing but my legs were perfectly toasty for the whole thing. Not that many people in the park, it was slightly foggy and a little bit rainy, but I would not be deterred in my quest for trim legs!

Did a 2.6 miler today, at the same pace still. Had ‘Drive By’ blasting from my headphones, resulting in some funny looks as I was singing along. Took my Hotpants off afterwards, legs were beautifully smooth and soft, if a bit sweaty, but it’s nice to see the fruits of your labour. I’m looking forward to the rest of the day and my first rest day of my schedule tomorrow. Like everyone, getting my party on for the Jubilee weekend. God save the Queen!

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