Get hot, get slim, go RUNNING – with HotPants! – Day 1

Out of the fire, and felt like I was in a frying pan.

After dragging myself out of bed, I immediately got changed into my running kit; trusty Hotpants with a nice sleevelss top. I’ve found that when I’m already changed into my workout stuff, I can’t justify getting back into bed as much. Had my playlist pre made too, so that I couldn’t use that as an excuse.

Lovely day for a run anyhow, so after finally getting out of the house (the finding some headphones process took 10 minutes) I was ready to go.

There’s an entrance to a local park not half a mile from my house (makes me feel all the more guilty for only starting today) so I did a loop of the park, occasionally putting a burst of speed on to impress people out walking their dogs. Did a good 2.5 miles, which may not seem very far but I am a bit of a couch potato, at a 10 minute mile pace.

I could practically hear the Hotpants burning off that fat.  There was continual surprise that no one mistook me for a barbeque as I ran around. I myself could hear sizzling.

Was bright red by the time I returned to my humble abode and after scrabbling for a glass of water and leaving my Hotpants on till my temp went down (don’t whip them off immediately, if you’re still sweating, they’re still burning calories) and took a well deserved shower!


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